My Mission

Should I choose to accept it, is to share and exemplify loving kindness. 


A bit about yours truly

I believe that preventive healthcare is an important tool to a healthy body, an opened mind, and an active lifestyle. Since I was young I knew that if someone were hurting emotionally or physically, human touch was one of the few things that could give immediate relief, even in the slightest sense. Have you ever noticed how a hug at the right time can cause even the highest walls to tumble? That is the beauty of healthy touch. It was with this understanding that I had originally planned to be a nurse and use massage therapy as an avenue of funding that education and establishing an excellent bedside manner... I had no idea what a huge role it would play in my life and how it has helped shape my growth. 

I gained my licensure in Februrary 2011 through Southeastern Institute, home to the best Neuromuscular massage therapy program in the southeast. From there I have worked at a number of spas, gyms, and healthcare offices. Fast forward up till now and you will find me to be an LMT with a decade of experience, as well as a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner.

Massage therapy is one of those things that people view as being “a treat” or something you get only on vacations. Well, call me biased, but I just can’t agree with that. Think of your vehicle for a moment… You go in as often as you can to change the oil, you treat it to a nice wash, you give it all the attention it needs to prevent it from falling apart. You do this to keep it running smoothly, keep you moving easily to the places and things you need to get to. Well what are our bodies but our vehicles through life? Whether you are an advocate of fitness,  work long hours on your feet or at a desk; If you've never gotten a scratch in your life, or if you have some additional hardware, your bones are carrying you and your muscles are moving you. All the time. Just sitting there reading this you are straining joints and ligaments and attachments to simply hold your neck up. It’s incredible, the machines that we are. 

Recent Testimonials

"Shelby has been providing me with excellent massages in the past. I must say the Thai Yoga massage she now offers is amazing!"

"Absolutely Transformational! As a fellow LMT...I cannot recommend Shelby enough."

Tim Herron
Health and Community Investment

Hope Stroud
Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Practioner

"Shelby, you absolutely rock!"

Sally Lou Maxey
Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist