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Bringing Mobility back through Ancient Healing


All the benefits gained through yoga, in the comfort and relaxation of massage

Having outlasted whole civilizations, the dynamic approach of Thai yoga massage (TYM) combines assisted stretching alongside massage techniques, rhythmic rocking compression, and energy work to give renewed and balanced healing of body/mind/spirit.  

Flexibility is a large part of keeping our bodies moving long into our years. By bringing Thai therapy to your life, you will be giving yourself and your Spirit wonderful gifts. 

  • Improved flexibility to joints and ligaments

  • Practically expresses loving kindness (Meta)

  • Reduces or eliminates active Trigger Points and areas of chronic inflammation 

  • Excellent contribution in rehabilitation regime

  • Not only beneficial for physical traumas, but also for the emotional traumas we may not realize our bodies are holding onto

  • Improves physical fitness and performance

  • A meditation in motion that is just as beneficial to the therapist (giver) as it is to the client (receiver) 

  • TYM is an exceptional therapy for post surgical clients who want to be a step ahead of all the ways the body over compensates. 

There is no fitness level, no stage in life, and simply no telling, what this ancient healing dance of mind, body, and spirit cannot help, improve, or perhaps even change. 

This therapy truly is for everyone and every body.

More About Thai Yoga Massage
Marble Surface

"Massage is the study of anatomy in brail "

Jack Meagher 
Pioneer in the field of massage therapy. 
Coined the term "sports massage"

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The Difference

When you book with Twisted Tree

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Thai Yoga Massage

An ancient healing dance to increase your vitality, improve flexibility, and renew your wellness

Signature Massage

A table top massage as unique as you.

 Combining a variety of modalities learned through a decade of practice, you will have no doubt of the care and thought put into each session to meet your therapeutic needs.

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Enhance your Experience

Add a hand/foot scrub or heated stones to any service!

Employee Health and Events

Show your team you recognize their hard work with an office wellness day!

Make your event the hot talk for months to come when you invite a therapist to spoil your guests!

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Marble Surface

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